The Slugs…

Would like to thank Sundance for all of the research that is being done on our behalf…

My Point: ALL of these congress critters are culpable of trying to bring down President Trump…hiring Jay Sekulow is a MASTER STROKE…The Reason:  He has gone before the Supreme Court multiple times and KNOWS Constitutional Law better than these morons we call congressmen.  Our President knew what he had on his hands with these jackals or apparatchiks and what they represented,  lying to the American People of PDJT being exonerated multiple times, not getting his/our agenda done, slow walking nominees.  So, my thoughts are this:  Our President, President Donald J Trump is going to bring down the entire thing in one act…not multiple acts but one.  Mr Sessions giving testimony, his son, Don, Jr being on Judge Jeannine and of course, “the tapes”…The simpler one keeps the battle plan, the faster it will unroll the plans of others and I believe we will be witness to something very special the next three days.  God Bless to All Treepers, Sundance and President Donald J Trump…OUR PRESIDENT!!!


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