The Fight for OUR Country

I am posting this here because of what Sundance so eloquently presented both in word and in video.  But, I am asking myself a question, why would Sundance post the five part series and then post this and also the video clip…why?  When I finished reading and after watching the video that the answer to this question is: this is the time we “gird our loins, sharpen out bayonets, prepare ourselves, because we are about to do battle”.  There are MANY military on this website who have experienced those words in quotes.  I have on a few occasions and I truly believe with all of my being we are about to enter a battle in which there is ONLY one victor.  This is not about Democrat vs Republican, nor Black vs White, Poor vs Rich, that is what swamp creatures want us to believe.  It is not.  It is much more than that.  It is about Right vs Wrong…It is who WE are as a nation.  We are a nation of God fearing people who want to exist as OUR Founding Fathers wanted.  So to all Treepers who I share this Tree with…Don’t Ever Give In, because to do so, we give up the heritage that our Fore Fathers gave us and died for.


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